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    New Product | Optizone Releases 3D Printing QCS

    Author:Optizone Technology (Shenzhen) Limited Click: Time:2023-11-28 10:33:24

    In this era of booming science and technology, everyone has heard the term "3D printing”. This “high-end” technology seems far away from our lives, but in fact it is quietly changing every aspect of our lives. This year’s Spring Festival movie “The Wandering Earth 2” provides us with a Chinese-style science fiction aesthetic feast. In this movie, many props are produced by 3D printing.



    (3D printed artificial intelligence MOSS in Wandering Earth 2)


    3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing or rapid prototyping technology, is a technology that uses adhesive materials such as powdered metal or plastic for constructing objects by printing layer by layer based on digital model files.


    Compared with traditional manufacturing methods, 3D printing eliminates the need to open mould in advance, and instead follows a pre-determined CAD model, which not only shortens the manufacturing cycle and saves costs, but also minimizes material loss with additive manufacturing technology.


    At the same time, 3D printing makes it easier to optimize design. Highly complex parts can be formed in one piece. Reducing assembly and weight while ensuring the strength of the object, which provides conditions for lightweight applications in automobiles, aerospace and other fields.


    In the past 20 years, 3D printing technology has achieved rapid development and is widely used in consumer electronics, automobiles, aerospace, medical and other fields. From consumer-grade 3D printers to large-scale industrial 3D printers, the application of 3D printing technology in the industrial field has gradually deepened due to its advantages such as no molds needed in advance, manufacturing of highly complex parts, and one-time molding.


    According to the analysis of the 2023-2029 China Laser 3D Printer Market Current Research Analysis and Development Prospect Forecast Report released by MarketResearchOnline.com, the growth rate of China's 3D printing industry scale was accelerate in 2021. The industry scale increased to 21.65 billion RMB. With the further expansion of the application scale of 3D printing products, the scale of China's 3D printing industry is expected to reach 41 billion RMB in 2023.


    Taking laser 3D printing as an example, Beams of laser are scanned the object, causing the metal powder on the object to melt, fuse together layer by layer, ultimately forming a dense metal part. This technology can form metal parts in one step, and the dense metal parts formed after intelligent process control require almost no subsequent processing, truly realizing rapid, cladding 3D printing of metal parts.


    Compared with the low precision of traditional 3D printing (which does not require light), laser 3D printing has better molding effects and precision control, so it requires high laser beam quality and precision. Laser beam quality, point accuracy, and the distribution of spot energy affect the stability and reliability of fiber lasers in the 3D printing process, as well as the molding effect.


    In recent years, Optizone has been actively exploring the field of 3D printing. Relying on years of technology accumulation in the field of optical components and excellent product quality, we has launched 3D printing QCS for the 3D printing industry.


    According to the application pain points, we've improve QCS performance: excellent beam quality (M2<1.1), spot accuracy up to 0.2 deg, and uniform spot energy distribution. It supports customizing the spot size (1~30mm) on demand, and the bayonet design is compatible with 90% of laser 3D printing equipment on the market.


    Advantages of 3D printing QCS products:

    1. Large Light Spot, Compact Size, Light Weight

    2. Excellent Beam Quality and Consistency

    3. Customized Wavelength (976nm/1080nm/1550nm)

    4. Customized Light Spot Size (1~30mm)

    5. Widely used in laser cleaning, laser 3D printing, etc., can also be integrated into handheld welding equipment.



    Beam Profile



    Reliability Test

    In order to simulate the actual use of the product environment, improve the stability of the product and meet the market demand, Optizone has carried out a comprehensive reliability test for this series of products, such as physical shock, vibration, thermal shock, high temperature and high humidity, high and low temperature cycle and other projects, the various important indicators used for 3D printing, such as ellipticity, point precision, dispersion angle and so on have passed the test standards, the following is part of the experimental data:


    (Thermal shock test)


    (Vibration test)

    (Impact test)


    With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, 3D printing technology has a good prospect. Optizone Technology will upgrade and iterate its products on the basis of 3D printing QCS, comprehensively expand the 3D printing market industry, and promote the development of 3D printing.

    New Product | Optizone Releases 3D Printing QCS
    In this era of booming science and technology, everyone has heard the term "3D p
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