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    Optizone New Products 2023

    Author:Optizone Technology (Shenzhen) Limited Click: Time:2023-08-25 13:38:13

    Optizone Products for Ultrafast Laser

    High Power PM Tap Isolator WDM Hybrid


    More compact design after integration

    Shorter fiber to reduce the non-linear effect

    Lower excess loss to improve the transfer efficiency

    More concise system, lower cost, more efficient operation, more stable quality

    Click for more details: https://www.fiber-optizonetech.com/High-Power-PM-Tap-Isolator-WDM-Hybrid-PG9299271

    High Power PM Tap Isolator Band Pass Filter Hybrid


    More compact design after integration

    Shorter fiber to reduce the non-linear effect

    Lower excess loss to improve the transfer efficiency

    More excellent side-mode suppression ratio

    More concise system, lower cost, more efficient operation, more stable quality

    Click for more details: https://www.fiber-optizonetech.com/High-Power-PM-Tap-Isolator-Band-Pass-Filter-Hybrid-PG9299269

    Polarization Maintaining Combiner

    Type: PM(1+1)×1, PM(2+1)×1

    Package Size: 50×5×5mm, 70×12×8mm


    Pump wavelength range: 700~1000nm

    Signal wavelength range:1030~1100 nm 

    High pump efficiency (92%~95%)

    Low insertion loss (≤0.4db)

    High polarization extinction ratio (≥20db)

    Click for more details: https://www.fiber-optizonetech.com/2-1-x1-Polarization-Maintaining-Pump-Signal-Combiner-PG7016103

    Laser Combiner Integrated with PM Collimator


    Integrated design with polarization maintaining collimator and combiner

    Compact size, high handling power, high stability

    High extinction ratio

    Outstanding beam quality, uniform spot energy distribution, ellipticity>95%

    Click for more details: https://www.fiber-optizonetech.com/Laser-Combiner-Integrated-with-PM-Collimator-PG9299284

    Picosecond/Femtosecond Seed Laser


    Stable saturable absorber mode-locking scheme and full polarization maintaining fiber optical path

    Self-healing absorbent can work in multiple points to improve the service life of seed laser

    Feedback control improves the output stability of seed laser

    The unique software and circuit design realize maintenance-free and fully automatic operation of seed laser

    Homemade optical components guarantee the performance, cost and reliability of seed laser

    Click for more details:

    Picosecond Seed Laser: https://www.fiber-optizonetech.com/Picosecond-Fiber-Laser-Module-1064nm-PG6425262

    Femtosecond Seed Laser: https://www.fiber-optizonetech.com/Ytterbium-doped-Femtosecond-Fiber-Laser-Module-1033nm-20mW-PG7013811

    Gain-switch Semiconductor Pulse Seed Source


    The pulse width is as low as 50ps, and the repetition frequency is adjustable from 1 to 100MHz

    High long-term stability of output pulse (<1%RMS@72h)

    Low noise, small tail, high beam quality

    Suitable for various semiconductor lasers with different central wavelengths

    Click for more details: Coming soon

    Narrow Line-width Semiconductor Laser Module


    Ultra-narrow instantaneous line width (<5KHz)

    Low relative intensity noise (RIN: < -140 dB/Hz)

    Excellent anti-seismic performance, high stability

    Click for more details: Coming soon

    Semiconductor laser drive supporting solutions

    Optizone provides semiconductor laser drive supporting products for different fields of application, and provides corresponding solutions for customers. It can realize the switching of constant current, constant power, pulse, continuous and quasi-continuous working modes. Shell type or circuit board system can be customized. we can also provide a separate drive bare board and laser temperature control module, which is easy to cooperate with other equipment to integrate the whole system.

    Click for more details: Coming soon

    Optizone Products for Industrial CW Fiber Laser

    Integrated QBH


    Low cost, without QB bayonet and window mirror components

    Integrated design, effectively reduce the secondary assembly error

    No window mirror, natural resistance to high light return

    Simpler structure, no space for dirt, and effectively reduced the probability of dotting 

    Click for more details: https://www.fiber-optizonetech.com/Integrated-Fiber-Optical-Cable-Integrated-QBH-PG9299282



    Integrated design, better heat dissipation, resistance to light return increased by more than 30%

    High handling power, high stability, maximum output power 40kW 

    Uniform spot energy distribution, near flat top beam output

    Click for more details: https://www.fiber-optizonetech.com/Fiber-Optical-Cable-40000W-1050-1110nm-IQ-PG9299280

    Signal Combiner Module


    Over 10kw signal power output

    Water-cooling design to ensure the excellent heat dissipation

    Integrated with mfa and cps to realise the high-quality output beam (5mm mrad)

    High coupling effeciency (97%)

    High threshold for the back-reflection power (1000w)

    High stability during the operation

    Customization available in output beam delivery

    Click for more details: https://www.fiber-optizonetech.com/7X1-Killowatt-Signal-Combiner-PG9299274

    Kilowatt Signal Combiner


    Nx1: 3×1, 4×1, 7×1

    Package Size: 200×60×20mm,  300×200×30mm (KSC Module)


    High power transmission efficiency (≥97%)

    High withstanding power, high stability

    KW level reverse power processing technology

    Unique fusion technology

    The spot distribution is nearly flat and the density is uniform

    Click for more details: http://www.fiber-optizonetech.com.admin.wds168.cn/ProductDetail/7018042.html

    Pump Combiner Integrated with FBG


    (N+1)X1/NX1 Pump Combiner+High Reflectivity             

    Output Coupler+(N+1)X1 Pump Combiner                       


    High power transfer efficiency

    Wavelength insensitive

    Customized configurations available

    ROHS compliant

    Combiner and FBG integrated

    Outstanding reliability

    High power handling

    Click for more details: Coming soon

    3D Printing QCS


    Large light spot, compact size

    Uniform energy distribution

    Customized wavelength and spot size

    Used for hand-held welding cleaning, 3D printing, cutting, etc.

    Click for more details: https://www.fiber-optizonetech.com/Large-Beam-Collimator-QBH-LBC-1064nm-450W-PG5349524

    Optizone Products for Industrial Pulsed Fiber Laser

    Compact Size 100W In-line Isolator 


    Power: 50-100W

    Compact size (115*26*23mm)

    Transmittance ≥90%

    Beam quality deterioration, M²<15%

    Click for more details: https://www.fiber-optizonetech.com/High-Power-Polarization-In-line-Isolator-100-350W-1064nm-PG9299286

    High Power 500W In-Line Isolator


    Low insertion loss (0.2dB)

    High isolation (28dB)

    High withstanding power (500W)

    Low PDL (0.05dB)

    Click for more details: https://www.fiber-optizonetech.com/High-Power-Polarization-Insensitive-Isolator-1064nm-500W-PG7014986

    High Power Collimated Beam Output Isolator


    Low temperature rise (at room temperature)

    Temperature rise <10℃ with air-cooling 250W

    Temperature rise <15℃ with air-cooling 350W

    Full power output beam waist spot deterioration < 10%

    Beam quality deterioration, M²<10%

    Transmittance Ratio ≥95%

    Ellipticity ≥95%

    Compact size (50×50×250mm)

    Click for more details: https://www.fiber-optizonetech.com/High-Power-Polarization-Insensitive-Collimated-Beam-Isolator-635-1064nm-350W-500W-PG5349403

    Optizone Products for Biomedical Equipments

    Motorized Variable Optical Delay Line


    Low insertion loss (0.6dB)

    High extinction ratio (20dB)

    High stability

    Compact size (200×50×45mm)

    Customized specifications

    Click for more details: Coming soon

    Fiber Optical Rotary Joint


    Low insertion loss (0.7dB)

    High return loss (≥50dB)

    Small variation in rotation Loss (±0.2dB)

    High power handling capacity (10W)

    Customized specifications

    Click for more details: https://www.fiber-optizonetech.com/Fiber-Optic-Rotary-Joint-PG7591728

    Pump Combiner


    Forward Pump N×1: 3×1, 4×1, 7×1, 19×1, 31×1, 37×1

    Backward Pump (N+1)×1:(1+1)×1, (2+1)×1, (6+1)×1, (12+1)×1, (18+1)×1, (36+1)×1

    Backward Pump: CP(2+1)×1, CP(6+1)×1, CP(18+1)×1

    Package Size: 50×5×5mm, 70×12×8mm, 100×15×10mm, 150×15×12mm


    High Coupling Efficiency

    High Withstand Power, High Stability

    Low Insertion Loss

    Wide Range of Wavelength Options

    Customized specifications

    Click for more details:

    7×1 Pump Combiner: https://www.fiber-optizonetech.com/7x1-Pump-Combiner-790-1000nm-PG7018074

    (2+1)×1 Pump Combiner: https://www.fiber-optizonetech.com/2-1-x1-Pump-Signal-Combier-1064nm-1550nm-10W-30W-PG7018076

    (6+1)×1 Forward Pump Combiner: https://www.fiber-optizonetech.com/6-1-x1-High-Power-Forward-Pump-Signal-Combiner-1064nm-1550nm-300W-PG7018079

    Fiber Coupled Acousto Optic Modulator


    High extinction ratio (≥20dB)

    High reliability

    Low power dissipation (RF Power: 2W)

    Component based packaging coupling process

    Click for more details: Coming soon

    Optizone Products for Lidar

    Lidar Transmitter Laser Module


    The pulse width and repetition frequency of the light source can be tuned independently, and the range is wide (pulse width: 1%~99% | repetition frequency: 1~100MHz)

    High pulse energy and peak power (3kW)

    High beam quality and good stability

    Click for more details: Coming soon

    Optizone New Products 2023
    With the theme of “miniaturization, modularization and integration”, Optizone has developed many products and solutions that meet the market demand. Welcome to inquire.
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